Activities in Tokyo to Learn about Japanese Culture

In this amazing metropolis, you will have the opportunity to come into contact with plenty of fascinating things, including the wonderful and extremely interesting Japanese culture, subculture, and also the latest fashion. If you really want to get to know this place better, then you will surely find this article very interesting. We are going to talk about several activities in Tokyo to learn about Japanese culture.

Try the Amazing Tea Ceremony

You cannot go to Japan without trying the traditional tea ceremony, which is absolutely wonderful and quite hard at the same time. The entire process, from the beginning until the end, is fascinating and a complete work of art. It is related to several fields such as Japanese sweets, flower arrangement, architecture, and calligraphy as well. In many places, you can also participate in an activity where you can actually learn how to make powdered green tea. If you are not used to sitting in ‘’seiza’’ position you can also sit as there are also some chairs available. However, this is an excellent opportunity to learn more about Japanese culture, and we highly recommend this activity to all foreigners.

An Interesting Experience in Making Japanese Paper

The Japanese traditional paper, called Washi, is highly-rated all over the world due to its durability and distinctive texture. Tourists are most welcomed to experience making paper in order to learn more about Japanese culture. This process takes around an hour and we guarantee that will be an extremely interesting one. Just make sure you make an online reservation.

Go for an Urban Area Tour on a Rickshaw

You must definitely visit the Asakusa area on a Rickshaw. The Rickshaw puller who knows very well the entire local area will guide you and also take photos. These pullers can take you to places not too many people know about, places that cannot be found by regular sightseeing. There are several courses to choose from, and depending on your purpose and how much time you have you can choose one or another. However, they vary from a 1-kilometer short ride around Kaminarimon to full-blown charted courses. We are sure that you will have lots of fun and also discover very interesting things about the Japanese culture.

Wear a Kimono and Stroll the Streets of Asakusa

This beautiful traditional outfit is something that you must definitely try in Japan not only to learn more about their culture but to also feel and act like a Japanese person. Very close to Kaminarimon you will find the Sakura Photo Studio, which has an amazing collection of more than 150 kimonos, varying from summer yukata to vivid furisode, which is a long-sleeved kimono. Just go to this place and enjoy to the fullest this experience. Keep in mind that you will also have a walking guide, and you can get the traditional make-up for a photo session in the studio or outdoors. Tourists with reservations are without a doubt given priority and that’s why you need to make a reservation ahead of time.






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