Japanese Culture for Foreigners

Every country has its unique and beautiful culture but when it comes to Japan there are lots of interesting things you should know about. We will try to highlight for you in this article the best aspects of Japanese culture which can definitely be very useful for any foreigner.

Mastering the Art of Bowing

Bowing may seem a quite easy gesture but it is, in fact, a quite complicated one because you need to have the right posture. Furthermore, there is actually more than one way to bow. There are two categories, standing bows, and sitting bows. In order to demonstrate your fluency in Japanese culture, you need to know exactly when to bow and the appropriate way to bow.

Gestures are Essential

Japanese do not only have essential gestures such as bowing but others as well. Non-verbal communications in Japan is without a doubt very important and if you are a foreigner then you will need to learn all these important and useful gestures. For example, there are gestures for how to give and receive a gift, how to apologize when walking through the crowd, and how to call someone over to you.

Japanese Food Rituals

The food is certainly a central part of this country’s culture. In order to demonstrate your cultural savviness, you must make sure you are familiar with Japanese customs around food and dining. Japanese children learn to say itadakimasu before they eat. This is a way to express appreciation for the entire meal and also show respect for those you are dining with. Itadakimasu is said when everyone is at the table and it is also some sort of signal that you can start eating.

As a foreigner, you will probably find very difficult using the chopsticks, but this technique is a very important one in this country and you will need to learn it in order to show respect to locals. Even if it seems hard, in the beginning, you will soon get used to it. You can use the fork at home or in restaurants but when you have a meeting with someone important then you should definitely use the chopsticks.

What Is a Geisha?

There are several important things you need to know about Japanese people. For example, there are many foreigners who have the mistaken impression that a geisha is actually a prostitute, which is certainly wrong. A geisha is trained in traditional Japanese art such as poetry, dance, and music, and it is often hired as a professional entertainer. This is actually what the name ‘’geisha’’ means, an ‘’entertainer’’. Therefore, keep in mind this important detail in order to not be rude to anyone.

As a conclusion, we can say that it is very important to be well informed regarding all the aspects we have presented you in this article in order to show respect to Japanese people, especially if you plan to move to this country. It is not hard, you just need to pay attention to the details and you will be able to do everything right.











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